Inner Space Voyage | Using Tempo for Relaxation

Inner Space Voyage | Relaxation and Stress Reduction through Audio Therapy

Radio Show Introduction

In this two-hour program, experimental composer Karl Mohr takes you on a number of aural explorations, manipulating the tempo of his ambient music and sonic atmospheres to bring a more relaxed state of being. With these unique soundtrack voyages, you can leave behind the stressors of the work week and return to the tranquility of your own natural biological rhythms. The first hour consists of the sonic deceleration process to allow for the downshift to a slow quiet meditative state; the second hour presents deep ambient soundscapes to which you can drift in the relaxing bliss of your own personal cosmos. Headphone listening is recommended. The program may not be suitable for epileptics.

Host Bio

Karl Mohr is experimenting with a one-on-one technique that employs a sonic voyage and the shifting of acoustic/rhythmic properties to evoke a sense of relaxation and well-being in the recipient. The experience is of having his or her own private DJ session, where the content is a weaving voyage of natural sounds, rhythmic pulses and fixed frequencies. Tempo variation and manipulation of sonic textures are done in real-time. The procedure consists of a custom voyage: a vehicle used to explore personal issues using sonic cues, and to deliver a deep sense of peaceful repose.

Karl holds a BMus degree from Queen's University with a specialization in electroacoustic composition; has studied at the MMus level in Recording at McGill University - he is a studied music/audio professional having garnered many awards for his sound design work on IMAX films. He is a member of the Director's Guild of Canada.

In 2001, Karl collaborated with Jeffrey Smith, a certified hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner, on a CD product "Anchoring Self-Confidence" that used modulating ambiences and tempo manipulations to underscore the hypnotic suggestion of Smith's voiceover. This project was very effective with his patients as a tool for entering a state of deep relaxation.

In 2003, Karl worked with clinical and sport psychologist and jazz percussionist Dr. Ray Mulry who, in the 1970s, coined the term Relaxation Therapy. They collaborated on two CD products: "Relaxation Therapy with Dr. Ray" and "Trust Your Swing: The Power of the Pendulum and Rhythmic Flow" -- both audio programs imprint patterns on the subconscious mind for relaxation, and better golfing (respectively).

Karl has no medical degree nor certificate credentials in therapy: he is developing his own experimental techniques in the hopes of relieving over-stressed and over-stimulated people using rhythm and tempo manipulation.


Karl Mohr can be reached through Multibeat Creative and Tape Life Records.